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Outsourced Marketing Team Trusted By 40+ Brands -



We provide a reliable, full-service growth solution tailored specifically for 7 and 8-figure health and wellness brands.

Our small team of world-class specialists works closely with each brand, delivering excellence at every stage of the funnel.

Experience the difference with a dedicated, best-in-class outsourced marketing partner.

The Ecom Agency
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World Class Outsourced Team
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Personal Founder Relationship
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Custom Health & Wellness Growth Strategies
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Client Care & Communication
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Low Client Churn & Great Results
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Inexperienced, Junior Account Managers
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High Client Churn

trusted by 40+ brands

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Client 6+ Month Retention Rate
7&8 Figures Brands Consulted

“The growth has been outstanding. We’ve seen a 333% growth in just 6 months”

“Really quickly we saw pretty tremendous results”
We were able to triple our spend and saw a 35% reduction in our CPA, and I’m telling you this happened within a matter of months, its truly incredible”

We were working with a very premier agency before working with The Ecom Agency and they just weren’t giving us nearly the types of results”

Im consistently blow away by the dynamic, they feel like an extension of our team, at every point in the day I feel like something is getting done”

Farm Girl

“400% Growth In 4 Months”

“The results have been tremendous

James and his team are very responsive to all of our needs

Very committed to our growth that we are achieving together

It feels like a team behind me thats an extension of our team that is focused on driving results, living and breathing our brand

I would encourage everyone to work with The Ecom Agency and see the results for yourself, I would highly endorese.

I absolutely 100% recommend”

Bhu Foods

85% reduction in CPA in 45 days & 40% of revenue from email.

“We’ve doubled in only 4 months”

“everything you'd want to have in an agency, they get results, they're hitting metrics that we set for them every single month”

“Our return is 40X what we are spending with them. I can't recommend them highly enough”

“I’ve tried a lot of different marketing companies and they have exceeded expectation at every turn”

“They’re a pleasure to work with”

Happy Hemp

"I’m finally getting passed my PTSD of working with an agency. We can blindly trust you!
Thank you for being an incredible partner! We meant every word! I love you guys."

2% to 40% of revenue from emails consistently
“We have thrived and seen exponential growth”

"It's been an absolutely seamless process - Phenomenal job.
You guys have been able to execute flawlessly.
We continue to stay updated, no stone is ever left unturned.
Don’t think twice, just do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."


“From day one, they came in and just got results."

“I’ve had so many bad experiences with agencies in the past”

They’re professionals, they’re kind, they're really good people, they're worth working with. I highly recommend them”


"We saw 20% increase in revenue and over $670k driven in email marketing revenue."

"You really took the time to understand the brand message"

"I can reach out at any time and will immediately set up a time to talk to me."

"I always feel like you care about how the business is actually doing.
I don’t feel like I'm just paying you and you're just doing a service, it's like you’re genuinely in it, almost like a partner for the brand, something thats very very very hard to find. Its very hard to find good honest people these days."

"I’m a busy person and I wanted to make this video so other people can get good email marketing
It's very hard to find good honest people these days."


5% ➡️ 30% of revenue coming from email & SMS

“These guys know what they're doing, and we are really happy working with them”

Arte Italica

40% store growth in 90 days

"We could not be happier by the work of James and his team. Incredibly responsive, we were really happy to find them and look forward to continuing to work with them.”


21% of Revenue Coming From Flows

"Really easy to work with and would highly recommend to anyone thinking about it."


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